Our Technicians​ not only have the enthusiasm to help your bike work as and when you want it, they also have the qualifications through the industry training body of Cytech and you can click here to find us on the directory. Bicycle servicing and Bicycle repair are our specialities but we can also provide bespoke bike builds and bespoke services.

Cytech is the internationally recognised training and accreditation scheme for bicycle technicians.

Cytech delivers training and promotion of technical skills to the cycle trade and enthusiasts worldwide.

Ride North Wales is also a member of the Association of Cycle Traders (ACT)


Here at Ride North Wales a bicycle is one of those things that is essential to get to the shops, see family and friends and to just enjoy the countryside. Yes, we take things a little to the extreme with off-road riding, long road rides, multiple times a week so we know what it takes for a bike to work, when you want it to.​

Because of our experience of riding the need to keep your bike in a good running order is very obvious so we decided it was time to take our enthusiasm. our experience and passion to another level and help others to keep this wonderful piece of equipment, that we believe is essential, in great running order no matter how much or how little they use their bike and we'll come to you! #RideNorthWales was conceived and born by Martin Smith.